About the Festival


The first Bollington Festival, led by Dr John Coope, was held in 1964. Events included a “Dance to the two Beat Groups” in the marquee (tickets 4 shillings), a bowls tournament and a horticultural show.

The next Festival will be held from Friday 10th May to Monday 27th May 2019. We’re looking forward to 17 days of fun, filled with exciting new projects and the birth of new community groups, in keeping with the festival founders’ aims of promoting community involvement and inclusivity.

As well as providing a ‘venue’ for amateur and professional events in music, drama, literature, photography, art, sport and science (to name but a few); the Bollington Festival has provided the catalyst for a variety of local activities and societies that continue to educate and entertain the community. Some examples of these include: SciBar, the Festival Players, the Festival Orchestra, the Festival Choir, the Festival Strings, the Festival Music Theatre, the Festival Fell Race, BLOG (Bollington Light Opera Group, not an internet chat page!), the Bollington Brass Band, and the Festival Photography Group.

In the past, the Bollington Festival has run every four to seven years, with no exact space between and, mainly for financial reasons, no real guarantee that ‘the next one’ would definitely happen. Our vision is for the assurance of future festivals for the next 50 years.