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The Bollington Festival showcases talent from across the UK and is held every 5-7 years in the town of Bollington. Aiming to enrich the lives of those that live and work in the community, the festival programme includes a selection of local band and artists as well as nationally recognised performers. 

Entirely run by volunteers and supported by donations and grants, the festival is a registered charity and can only happen because of the support of the community. It is thought to be the only festival that is run in this way in the whole of the UK.

Since the very first festival in 1964, the festival has been responsible for the formation of several local community groups including The Bollington Brass Band, The Festival Photography Group and Bollington Light Opera Group, who continue to grace the stages year after year.

The 2019 festival will be held from Friday the 10th May and run up until Monday 27th May and will feature art, music, comedy, opera, crafts and much more! You can buy tickets to separate events here, all the money from ticket sales goes into paying for the festival and any surplus goes into the fund for the next festival.

Please take a look around our website where you can buy tickets, donate to the cause and learn more about the upcoming events!