The Bollington Festival Science group

The Bollington Festival Science group

In 2009 for the first time the Bollington Festival hosted some fabulous events with science as their theme – from a star gazing night to a hands-on super science Saturday for kids (and adults!).
We had our first Scibar at the Vale Inn at the 2009 Bollington Festival and since then Bollington Scibar has flourished and it's now an incredibly popular monthly event at the Vale Inn – and with a ‘daughter’ SciBar in Macclesfield at the Park Tavern.

In this 50th year of the Bollington Festival we are planning events highlighting 50 years of scientific discovery. If you have a passion for science and for bringing science to our local community and would like to help out with any of the planned events please contact

So, what have the Science Group got up their lab coats?

The centrepiece of our ‘50 years of biomedical discovery’ theme will be a 4 day pop-up biomedical laboratory from Saturday 24th - Tuesday 27th, with hands-on experiments and a Limited Edition Lab Coat exhibition, accompanied by costumes and textile models, which will be on show in the Festival Parade.


Lend your ears to 2nd Bollington Cubs Scarecrow jingle, which informs listeners of the scientific scarecrows that will pop up in gardens and public places over the Festival fortnight.

To access the Festival Scarecrow Science podcasts and trail map please click here.

We’ve also planned talks from dinosaurs and interactive gaming to school science days, a night with the stars and an engineering challenge on the rec. We’re also hosting  a vegetable orchestra and workshop, with a science busker joining in on the carrot kazoo and the good vibrations.

There will be a Happy Birthday Scibar (5 years of SciBar!) when two of our most popular SciBar speakers will return to debate the most important discovery in their scientific area and Dr Dave Clements invites us to look at the skies with infrared and x-ray eyes.

But the big news is that we will have a marquee evening event with Lord Robert Winston posing the question "Do we expect too much from medicine or have we gone too far?"

We are extremely grateful to the following organisations for grants that will help us put on our ambitious programme of events:

  • Holmes Hinds, for funding for the engineering challenge
  • Oglesby charitable trust, for funding various talks and events
  • Wellcome Trust for a People Award funding the ‘50 years of biomedical discovery’ events: the biomedical pop-up lab, the carnival dance and costumes and the scientific scarecrows

We would also like to thank all those individuals, students, teachers, STEM volunteers, schools, organisations, academic institutions and everyone who has helped us so far.